Why hello there! I’m Inna.

Until recenty, I was a law student gearing up to start my second year. Everyone assured me that it would be better than the first but really that’s a very low threshold. Unconvinced by their promises of a better life, I decided to take a break from law and start a blog instead. No worries, I’m sure the government isn’t really worried about getting that loan money back.

A little bit of background: I was born in Russia but moved to San Francisco when I was six. After an ill-fated year at UC San Diego, I transferred to Wellesley College, where I graduated with a Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences major in 2008. I spent the next few years working in the best office in the entire world—Prisoners’ Legal Services, Boston, before moving back to the Bay Area to go to Berkeley Law (which didn’t work out so well— see above). Prisoners rights is something that is very near and dear to my heart, and something I hope to stay involved with forever. 

I guess that’s a pretty good transition to my interests, which my husband aptly pointed out as including (but not being limited to) hardened criminals, board games, and scary TV shows that I shouldn’t be watching because they give me nightmares but I just can’t help myself. But in my defense, Harry Potter gives me nightmares so there are very limited non-nightmare inducing viewing options.

I started this blog to document and share this transitional point in my life. I want to share my love of fashion, cooking, baking, theatre, and yes, sometimes even criminals.

Thanks for stopping by!

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