Who takes your photos?
My husband, Ryan, takes most of my photos. He (clearly) doesn’t have any professional training (sorry babe, love you), and we don’t have a fancy camera, but he has lots of patience and is willing to indulge me so I’m very grateful to him!

What's up with your blog title? 
What's up with your face?! Oh, oops, sorry-- I get a little defensive for no reason sometimes :) Here's the deal: my husband has had many nicknames for me over the years, but one of our favorites that's stuck around is "skippy." Since I'm the skippy writing this blog, I thought skippysays made all sorts of sense. 

How old are you anyway? You look like you’re 14.
Well don’t you know how to compliment a lady. I’m 25. But when I’m 50 I’ll be the one laughing (I hope). 

How tall are you?
I’m a shorty- scraping 5”1 on a good day

What do you do for a living?
I actually just decided to leave (or at least take a break from) law school after finishing my first year so I’m still figuring that out. I’m working on starting a cooking business where I offer classes and personal meal delivery, but that’s still in its very early stages. I’m also planning on taking some acting classes to get involved in community theatre, as well as finding a way to contribute to the prisoners’ rights movement. 

Do you have a monthly budget for the clothes you buy?
Not a fixed budget, no. It varies from month to month but I try to keep it reasonable.  Some months I go a little crazy, but I’ll make up for it the following month by not getting anything or only thrifting. As with most things in life, it all balances out.

Who designed your header?
The lovely and talented Rach from http://www.vizbasix.blogspot.com/
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