Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skippy Says: 39 Weeks (Pregnancy Journal)

39 Weeks

Dear baby girl,

I never thought we'd make it this far. Yeah, I definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY expected to have popped by now. I guess I'll consider this good training for the first of many surprises you're sure to throw my way.

This last week was a big one for our family. On Monday, daddy and I celebrated nine years of being together. And by celebrated I mean stayed at home until I whined long enough that daddy took me out for an ice cream cone. It's really not his fault though, since I made him take Wednesday off work to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. And making him plan two anniversary dates (because you better believe that's his job) two days apart isn't really all that fair. I guess.

In other news, I had one of those weird pregnancy moments where I realize you're real. Like, you know, a person. And coming. Sometime soon. Here's what went down: at our prenatal appointment, my midwife felt around and declared that you had dropped and were now sitting lower than the week before. "I could feel her head in your pelvis" she told me. Totally innocuous statement, right? Except then for some reason I become giddy because, wait for it, you HAVE A HEAD. That's right. I grew something someone that has a head. You'd think I'd get that before because, you know, babies generally have heads. And for weeks I've been obsessively asking my midwife if you're head down so I can have the vaginal birth I want. And I've been imagining your head. And I've bought you hats to cover your head. Yet somehow, I never processed that you're actually going to have one. Until now. I get it now. I get it now--you're going to have a head. And that makes me really happy.

Soon, maybe (hopefully!) even before I get to write you your next letter, it will be your birthday. Your actual birth day. The real deal. I told daddy I read about some couples baking a birthday cake to bring to the hospital to celebrate with after the baby is born. Being as hormonal as I am I thought that was  the cutest idea ever. Plus, you know I'm going to want some birthday cake after all that hard work. When I asked daddy his thoughts on the subject, he looked like he was trying really hard to say something that wouldn't get him a night on the couch before settling on saying that the idea was "" Little did he know--cutesy is definitely couch worthy. At least it is when I know how he feels about cutesy things in general. Still doesn't change my mind. Birthday cake for the hospital is now on the list. That, and champagne. And you better believe I made sure it was cutesy champagne--for our anniversary, I surprised daddy by ordering the champagne we had at our wedding to bring to the hospital with us.

Tonight there will be a full moon.  Hopefully that means we'll get to put that cutesy birthday cake and bottle of champagne to use very, very soon.




  1. I am totally with you. On top of my newfound anxiety about the birth, it's also REALLY hitting me that we will have a BABY afterward and life will never be the same. Like, NEVER be the same (for better or worse).

    I love the birthday cake idea, but I'd be cautious about when you make don't want to tempt week-old (or heaven forbid, two week-old) birthday cake ;)

  2. Lara- definitely true! You know I'd eat it :) But something I've heard is that baking the cake can be a good task for early labor-- keeps you busy and distracted and is something nice for you two to do together. I know it's the only way I'll ever get Ryan to bake with me too :)


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