Thursday, April 19, 2012

Skippy Says: 24 Weeks (Pregnancy Journal)

24 weeks

Dear baby girl,

I have been waiting for this day since the moment I found out I was pregnant with you. You see, starting at 24 weeks your chances of survival should you be born early are pretty darn good. As in, I could tell that rather unsympathetic doctor I spoke with a few weeks ago to shove it. Although I'm pretty sure you still weigh just over a pound so if you could hang out inside me for just a bit longer and grow to a reasonable size so I'm not scared of breaking you I'd appreciate it.

My book tells me that at 24 weeks your face is fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and a good amount of hair on your head. Except apparently that hair is currently "snow white" since you haven't gotten the whole developing pigment stuff down quite yet. That's still a comin'.

You're moving a ton these days, and so strongly that you could see my stomach jiggle with your kicks and punches. It's pretty entertaining, though it makes for a sadly unproductive morning. I had grand plans to read a chapter in one of my child-birthing books while the baby I nanny for slept this morning, but you decided it was a good time to kick so instead I rolled up my shirt and stared at my involuntarily vibrating belly for about 45 minutes straight. I'm pretty sure this means that once you are born I'll just stare at you all day and get absolutely no work done. It's not creepy if it's your mama doing it, right?

I gotta admit it's not just your movements that make my belly entertaining to look at. I'm a major innie, so I don't think I'll be one of those mamas whose belly button sticks out normally, but mine has started to poke out if I apply pressure around it in just the right way. The first time I showed daddy he said "ewwwww" but now he's come around and is as amused by it as I am. Last night at our prenatal appointment, our midwife was complimenting how nice my belly looked and how I hadn't developed any stretch marks. I promptly responded by showing her my belly button trick. What? I was proud. She tried to be polite, but her face couldn't hold it together.  Oh well, maybe if I show her again next time she'll get used to it like daddy did.




  1. Ohhh little eyelashes and eyebrows :) I have an innie too, so I will definitely be playing around with pushing mine out when I'm pregnant someday... sounds kinda fun!

  2. So sweet! Lucky you to have avoided stretch marks - you are one hot mama :)

  3. Yay for no stretch marks! Long may it continue :)
    It doesn't sound like my little guy is quite as active as yours, or maybe his positioning is still slightly blocked. Matt can only feel his movements on rare occasions (I swear, he stops kicking as soon as Matt's hand replaces mine!).

  4. It's very cute to imagine your tiny daughter with snow white hair kicking away for so long at one go, happily! :) I'm sure she knew you were watching her and wanted to show off! :)

  5. that's so interesting that babies have white hair just like old people! i never knew that!

  6. I didnʻt know that there were pregnant-lady tricks, but that belly button thing sounds awesome. Maybe not quite a party trick, but fun anyways ... :)

  7. Aww I'm happy she's made it! She's going to be the most beautiful little redheaded baby :)

  8. hehe...a protruding belly button sounds cute. Mine is still protruding , many years after my children were born. I guess the world outside is more fun. It's great to hear that your baby is kicking and having a wonderful time in your womb. :-)

  9. I am not going to go "ewwww". Mine is more like an "awwwwww"...
    Sound like the baby is all set to be a very very active one, and Mommy, you are going to have one load of sleepless nights when the baby comes.

    I remember spending hours looking at my niece Myra when she was born. And I still love that memory and hold it dear. And I was thinking that this blog is perhaps the best give you are giving your baby.


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