Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skippy Says: 25 Weeks (Pregnancy Journal)

25 Weeks

Dear baby girl,

As my bump continues to grow, I'm finding everyday life a bit more challenging. I have a hard time shaving my legs because my stomach is in the way. I have a hard time doing mountain climbers at the gym because my stomach is in the way. I have a hard time bending down to put on my shoes because my stomach is in the way. Are you sensing a theme here?

I hate to say it, but the thing that's suffered most is my sleep. And I take that personally. You see, I'm really good at sleeping. Or at least I used to be. I was known as the #1 sleeper on the block. One of my proudest stories is of how I impressed the bejeezus out of a doctor with my sleeping abilities. I had to stay up all night for some electrode test thingy they were running on me to see why I faint (side note: I hope you don't inherit that from me). The reason they ask you to stay up all night is because they need you to fall into at least a stage 1 or 2 sleep in a brightly lit hospital room while they test your brain activity, and most people are too uncomfortable to do that unless they're severely sleep deprived. But not your mama. I fell into REM sleep within 2 minutes of laying down on that hospital bed, and continued to sleep through all the pricks and pokes and prods. In fact, I'm told I continued to sleep as the doctor lifted my eyelids and shone bright flashlights in them. How's that for impressive? But I'm largely too uncomfortable to sleep much of the night nowadays, allotting myself 10 hours of sleep in hopes of actually getting 6-7. You see? Not only have you taken away my ability to wear cute clothes and have non-furry legs, but now you've also taken away the number one thing I used to be good at. You best be cute is all I'm sayin'.

Despite the discomforts, all of the sudden I'm not as eager to get pregnancy over with as soon as possible. I realized today I only have 15 weeks left of you being in my belly before you make your grand entrance. Only 15 weeks left of being able to take you absolutely everywhere I go, of being able to fully protect you from everything in the outside world until certain things will be out of my hands. And you will learn quickly how I do not like or deal too well with things being out of my hands. Especially when it comes to you.



  1. Such an interesting read, I've never really considered sleep deprivation, but I guess it is what goes with pregnancy. I'm sorry that your sleep is suffering because of your pregnancy. xo

  2. Oh no! You definitely need to get as much sleep as you possibly can now before Baby Girl bursts onto the scene :) And you should definitely treat yourself to a prenatal spa appointment for a massage . . . maybe they'll even shave their legs for you? I'm sure it's a common problem!

  3. This is really precious. I pride myself on being a really good sleeper too... so I feel your pain. You're almost there girl... and then well, you won't get any sleep at all ;) Thank you for sharing this journey!


  4. Yes, the sleep deprivation is hard, isn't it? But it will prepare you for not sleeping much at all once baby girl arrives! I hope you are feeling well otherwise!

  5. I am a champion sleeper as well, so I sympathize!
    Can't believe there are only 15 more weeks til baby's arrival. :)


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