Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skippy Says: 33 Weeks (Pregnancy Journal)

33 Weeks

Dear baby girl,

Hello from Maui! Between battling the ridiculously slow (and often non-existent) internet at the condo we're renting here and being dead tired from our (glorious) day, you almost didn't get a letter this week. But when I get my mind set on something it's hard to stop me. Plus, can you imagine how infuriating it would be for my OCD to have a letter for you every week except for one? That gap would drive me absolutely insane. So I willed the internet to get going with all my might (and refreshed the page about 100 times as I impatiently waited for it to load) and here we are.

When daddy and I were on the plane coming here, he looked at me, smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said "happy fake moon." You see, daddy thinks I made the concept of a babymoon up to get him to take time off work and go on vacation. If only I were so clever. No, we have someone else (probably the hospitality industry?) to thank for inventing the concept for our getaway. To them I send my sincerest mahalo.

We spent our first few days here split between swimming on stunning beaches and walking along them. Well, that, and making sure we're back in time for daddy to catch some really important basketball game he wanted to watch. I don't know much about it but daddy impressed the gravity of the situation on me by explaining that this is "like the world series of basketball." Which I don't really understand either except for that it means it's serious stuff.  Plus, me agreeing to come back meant I got a foot rub for being a good sport, and you know I'm not turning down an opportunity for one of those.

Today was spent doing the road to Hana drive, stopping at the "Garden of Eden" botnaical gardens and the Seven Pools along the way. We did a bit of a hike at the Seven Pools, going all the way up to one of the greatest and most stunning waterfalls I've ever seen. It was hot and we stupidly did not bring any water on the hike, so daddy kept urging me to have us turn back early, but thankfully I resisted and persevered. It was totally worth it. I think you felt my excitement and wanted to see what we were looking at as well, because at one point you were pushing up against my stomach so hard I thought you were going to break out. Don't you worry- you'll have your chance. I can't wait to take you here one day and see your face light up at the beauty of it all.




  1. Sounds like an amazing trip so far! Enjoy your babymoon!

  2. Woo-hoo, Maui! I loved the Road to Hana when we went last year for a friend's wedding. Sounds like you are having an amazing time :)

  3. This reminds me of how Matthew thinks I am solely responsible for the notion of a "push present." How manipulative and coniving do these guys think we are?

    I was wondering if you'd write a letter this week too, and I'm so glad you did, so I can work on my visualization skills and pretend that I'm in Maui as well :) Enjoy!


  5. I haven't been to Maui in probably 20 years! Would love to go back - sounds beautiful. :)


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