Monday, February 20, 2012

Skippy Says: To Vogue Or Bust (Guest Post)

Hello lovely readers! My name is Alexandra and I’m the girl behind the blog To Vogue or Bust. Though I’m so jealous of Inna for getting to explore Israel, I’m thrilled that she asked me to do a guest post for her!

My blog has been an amazing platform to discover and develop my style. Though I consider myself far
from a fashion expert, I have learned a couple of tricks along the way that have made getting dressed a
much more exciting and fun experience.

Without further ado, here are my top three style tips!

1.  Play with patterns. My trick to making patterns work together is to find something in common with both: if they’re in the same colour family (blue and white stripes with a blue and white floral pattern), same general shape (a small floral with a large floral), or if the pattern details are similar sizes, then it’s a green light. In general, I also consider anything in a classic black and white stripe as a neutral. Feel free to mix it with everything!

2. I spend about half my time shopping in the men’s department. Though I tend to gravitate towards a more feminine aesthetic, nothing can ground a look as much as a solid men’s piece. And I’m a firm believer that the best sweaters are to be found in a men’s department. The whole trick is balance: the best looks are the ones that keep you guessing a bit. For example, if you wear a big men’s fisherman sweater, throw a super femme skirt or dress on underneath instead of jeans or leggings.

3. This winter, the grey skies and miserable weather made me really turn to warm colours. I cultivated a wardrobe of browns, oranges, sands, pinks, purples and reds. By always keeping in mind what family colour my winter wardrobe was mostly comprised of, shopping and getting ready in the mornings became much easier. I didn’t have to worry about matching because I already knew all the colours in my
winter wardrobe would work seamlessly together.

And that’s it! Hope you learned something new and can apply a few new tricks to your wardrobe!
And please feel free to visit my blog To Vogue or Bust – I love making new blogger friends and would love to visit your blog as well! Thanks to Inna for including me as one of her guest bloggers!

Alexandra xo


  1. Wow, what gorgeous looks you create. I absolutely love your style! Great post...

    I Can Be Many Things

  2. Great guidelines for pattern mixing. Thanks!

    <3 Cambria

  3. I'm still figuring out pattern mixing, so these are useful tips. :)


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