Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skippy Says: Valentine's Day (OOTD)

This past Saturday Ryan and I celebrated a late Valentine's day together. Since I was in Israel on the actual day, and since this was our last Valentine's day with just the two of us before baby comes, I didn't want to just skip it altogether. I mean, do you see me as the kind of gal to give up any opportunity for flowers and chocolate? Speaking of which, Ryan, I'm still waiting for my flowers and chocolate.

The weather was beautiful, and we woke up bright and early to head to the Calistoga mineral pools and hot springs spa. There were 4 pools: a big one heated up to 80 degrees, a slightly smaller one at around 100 degrees, a hot tub at 104 degrees, and a kiddie pool. I stuck with the first two, since I've read that pregnant women should avoid hot tubs and I got kicked out of the kiddie pool. Pshhhh. Of course, Ryan punished me for abandoning him on Valentin's day by going into the hot tub while I stared longingly. Again, Ryan, I'm still waiting for my flowers and chocolate.

Anthropologie dress
Hue tights
Anthropologie boots


  1. That dress looks absolutely amazing on you!

    Penniless Socialite

  2. I LOVE Calistoga! What a cute idea for a late Valentine's celebration :)

    I really like this dress, you look beautiful in mustard yellow!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day celebration! And this mustard dress looks fabulous. It is a great color for you!

  4. Sounds like a great V-Day celebration! I didn't even know there were hot springs in Calistoga, but it makes sense that there would be. My husband and I were in Panama for Valentine's Day and completely forgot about it until that night when one of our waiters reminded us - oops!

  5. Ryan! Get this lady some flowers and chocolates :] That sounds like a great way to spend the belated Vday. Gorgeous dress.

  6. I love mustard on you :) Its perfect for your skin tone :) P.s keep pushing for those flowers and chocs haha


  7. Love the dress. And your trip sounds amazing (even sans hot tub). Not fair doing things you are not allowed to do while pregnant. He totes owes you some chocolate for abandoning you for the hot tub. Please take this opportunity to yell 'I thought this was OUR pregnancy!' and then throw something at him. Something small & soft like a pillow, or something.

  8. You look gorgeous in this dress Skippy!! I'm happy to hear you had a nice Valentines date with hubby!!

  9. What an amazing shade of yellow. You look just darling in this.

  10. I like the mustard dress paired with the red boots! Very cute. I hope Ryan got the hint about the flowers and chocolates by now ... :)

  11. Lovely mustard dress! The color looks fantastic on you. so fabulous with your beautiful boots too! I heard about the hot tub thing. What a nice way to celebrate a belated valentine's day. Hope you get your flowrrs and chocolates soon!


  12. Love the dress

    check out my blog:

  13. AH! these boots are so great. You always have such good shoes!! also, congrats on the pregnancy!!!

    xo. chaptertwentynine.com


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