Monday, January 30, 2012

Skippy Says: It's Morning Time (OOTD)

I am not a morning person. Consider that an extraordinarily generous understatement. When I was in high school, it was not unusual for my papa to have to resort to dumping a cup of cold water on me so that I'd get up in time to make first period. And my mama swears that the only time she's seen me wake up with a smile is when she and my brother waved a freshly peeled clementine under my nose. I may hate mornings, but I love citrus.

Not much has changed these days. Ryan routinely does a "morning-time" song and dance to try to put a smile on my face while I angrily grumble at him to stop. On particularly cranky mornings, I resort to growling and biting. What? I told you to consider it an extraordinarily generous understatement. Unfortunately for me, I've got an 8:00 a.m. doctor's appointment about an hour and a half away tomorrow morning. So if you hear that loud roar come 6:00 a.m., don't be surprised. It's just me welcoming the morning.

- Target dress (Bought circa early 2011, no longer available. Buy similar here)
- BCBG sweater (Bought on sale circa 2008, no longer available. Buy kind of similar here)
- Hue textured diamond tights (Buy here)
- Anthropologie booties (Bought on sale circa early 2011, no longer available)
- Necklace gift from my aunt


  1. I used to be terrible at waking up, but I work at six am (previously five) so I learned to suck it up, stumble out of bed and guzzle coffee until noon. I would kill to be a morning person! Glad I'm not alone. I love your cape/shaw thing. It's a lovely shade and looks so good with your pretty red hair.

  2. Inna, this is gorgeous. I love it! I really hated waking up ... before I had a baby. Haha! Maybe you're just a born Mom to be. I heard you say before that you were ready to have one... now. :D Are you trying? Or are you waiting for the right time to come? So much planning. I suppose you need to be responsible and get your career in order first. OR find a rich man! Haha! That always works too...

    This outfit is so comfy. I'm jealous. Looks great too :D Perfect mix of stylish yet comfy.

    I Can Be Many Things

  3. I'm not a morning person either, and it's rubbing off on my son! I'll have to try a clementine under his nose next time! That comment made me LOL! Love the cut and color of that sweater!

  4. Hm.. your blog isn't showing my comment but I'm fairly sure I left one... just in case I'm imagining things... you look GORGEOUS! stylish and comfy xo

  5. I love this purple sweater layered over the stripes! I am actually one of those crazy, weird morning people. I get really cranky at night when I'm tired, but in the morning I'm pretty pleasant.

  6. Loving the pattern on the tights! Looks great!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  7. I love the stripes and deep purple. Have a wonderful morning!

    XX Hilary

  8. This looks like such a cozy outfit, and I love the textured tights. I used to be a morning person . . . now I'm neither a morning nor an evening person - I'm just tired all the time ;)

  9. This outfit is great. I really like that sweater! I hope you make it to your doctors appointment without biting anything or anyone ;)

  10. LOL! You sound precisely like Mr. CP in the mornings. He's a bundle of joy when he wakes up in the morning. He usually spend a good hour or so glaring at me in the mornings as I chatter away at him.

  11. Those are some unbelievably fetching boots. And on another note, I totally relate to mornings, I am such a night owl! I set my alarm an hour early and then hit 15 min snooze three that I can take my time waking up in bed! Having to drag myself out finally at 6:30 is just no fun.

    <3 Cambria

  12. What a beautiful top! Love the swing shape! Hope the doctor's appointment goes well! :)

  13. I'm a fan of all things striped (I say Stripe ED). Great look.

  14. Skippy,

    I am totally a morning person. Love your blouse!!

  15. I'm like you Inna...I hate early mornings!! I love the sweater on you! The color is beautiful!!

  16. Love that cozy plum sweater plus the stripes. :) I'm not a morning person either, so I hope you get off to a good start tomorrow. :)

  17. Love those little booties so much, the purple is wonderful on you too. I'm pretty much a morning person. But I basically have to shove boyfriend off the bed in order to wake him up. SUCH a pain.

  18. Haha I am not a morning person either. I really am liking those shoes!

  19. Those boots are SERIOUSLY fantastic :)

    PS. Definitely right there with you - the morning is not my friend!


  20. Pshh, I can't even imagine that your cute smiling face is every grumpy! ;)

    That purple sweater is so pretty on you!

  21. I very much relate to this post! I am very much not a morning person either, though I've never had to resort to a cup of cold water!
    I like the way you wore this navy with purple - unexpected but lovely.

  22. Hehehe I'm much more of a morning person than I used to be. Once in high school my little brother came in to wake me up and I punched him square in the nose! Not very nice at all...

    There are those boots again! I ADORE THEM!!

  23. chillairandperfumeJanuary 30, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    Pretty sweater! The color looks amazing with your hair, and I love the sleeves and cowl neck.


  24. Haha, I am so sorry for that early appointment!
    Yeah, I'm not a morning person at all either. Its awful some mornings, I just can't stand it. Why does the world have to operate on such an early system??
    Good luck getting up and getting ready ;)
    But anyway, on a lighter note, your outfit is fab!
    I love that cape and striped dress <3
    And your boots!

  25. this purple top is beautiful, I like the neckline design and the kimono style sleeves. Looks great with the cute striped skirt and fabulous boots. I am also not a morning person. I take half an hour to get out of bed.



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