Friday, September 9, 2011

Skippy Says: Beating The System (OOTD)

I know I'm not helping the Jewish or immigrant stereotypes out there by admitting this, but there are few things in life I love more than a good deal. I guess I feel like I beat the system somehow, like I got away with something I wasn't supposed to get away with, and I've always had a rebellious streak. Since I have too much Jewish guilt to actually do anything truly rebellious, this is how it manifests: I generally only ever buy things on sale.  It's not so much the actual price of item as paying full price that gets to me. A $40 skirt? Never! A $40 skirt on sale? What a great deal!

The dress below is one of the very few things I've bought full price. But I still felt like I majorly scored since even full price it was only a whopping $12. Sweet! I love the back of the dress, and even though it's a bit too loose on its own a belt easily does the trick. I think it's a really nice transitional season piece-- a light summer dress but starting to incorporate some of my favorite colors of fall. And since we don't truly have seasons in San Francisco and it's pretty much Fall and Spring all the time, I'll probably be getting use out of this baby year round. Now that's what I call beating the system!

p.s.- I'm sorry for the less than stellar photos. My photographer (a.k.a. husband) got home from work with about 2 minutes of light left, so we did the best we could.



Forever 21 dress
- Anthropologie belt (circa 2008, no longer available. Buy similar here or here)
- Shoes from random little store in Germany  (Buy similar here on sale!)
- Necklace from little shop in Cape Cod from the weekend that we got engaged 

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