Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Apparently I subconsciously want people to see my undergarments because I cannot think of another explanation for why I would wear a light, breezy skirt to walk down the notoriously windy Embarcadero in San Francisco. It's deceiving really, dressing up all klassy (oh yes, with a "k") only to spend the day trying not to flash everyone.

Slight wind/ undergarment problems aside, it was an absolutely gorgeous labor day in San Francisco. I spent the day with one of my best friends who was visiting from Iowa drinking wonderful Blue Bottle coffee and eating delicious South Indian food at Udupi Palace. All in all, a wonderful day despite the number of strangers that undoubtedly saw my panties.

Ps- If you stick around, I promise less bra and underwear talk. I’m two for two. Unless you want it of course, and then I have plenty more where that came from.

Banana Republic blouse (available in gray online- I got the yellow which is available in stores but I couldn’t find online)
- Urban Outfitter skirt (bought on sale, no longer available. Buy similar here)
Clarks Indigo Shoes (on sale!)


  1. Oooh, the windy skirt issues are the worst! Love that color combo, though.

  2. I'm all too familiar with them living in SF :) Thank you!

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