Friday, September 23, 2011

Skippy Says: Classy Lady (OOTD)

True story: I felt like a classy lady in the outfit below. While watching America's Next Top Model, as only the classiest of ladies do, I googled "classy lady" and stumbled upon this gem that tells you how to identify a classy lady. It's hard to choose just one favorite, but some great tidbits of advice include: "There is no classier woman than a woman who spends time with herself for grooming purposes" and "the lady should have a smooth and flowing gait."I had to look up gait, which I think means I'm not classy. But at least my outfit will deceive others into thinking I am.

Two of the pieces in my outfit were scored from the vintage expo show that my mom and I attended this past weekend. Guys, there were so.many.beautiful.things. And given my (self-diagnosed) OCD we had to go booth by booth, left side to right side, so as to make sure not to miss any goodies. Good thing I have such a nice, patient mom because if I weren't me, I would have killed me. Hell, half of me was ready to kill me. But the OCD half is stronger and more determined so it won. Good thing too, because thanks to it I tried on many beautiful pieces and came out with some great finds. I came really close to walking out with a perfectly fitting genuine 1850s victorian jacket, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay the asking price given recent expenses. I got tons of other great stuff though, and could not be more excited to wear it all. And since I felt like such a classy lady in this outfit, I thought it was only fitting to do the whole shebang and cook Ryan an extravagant dinner to come home to: wine-braised beef short ribs, mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus. When he walked in the door, he told me I should bottle that smell and sell it as perfume :)


- Banana Republic Factory store top (bought on sale circa 2010, no longer available. Buy similar here or here)
- Vintage skirt (from vintage expo show, only $13!)
- Anthropologie belt (circa 2008 or early 2009? No longer available. Buy similar here and here)
- Shoes from random little store in Germany
- Vintage scarf (from vintage expo show, $10)

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