Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skippy Says: If At First You Don't Succeed (OOTD)

I had grand plan for this past Saturday-- a chili cookoff in beautiful Sausalito. I got up, dressed, had Ryan take photos of my little outfit, and off we went.

Just one little problem stood in our way. Turns out the cookoff was Sunday, not Saturday. Ryan consoled me by taking me out to a yummy Thai place for lunch, and undefeated I went home ready to try again the next day. Except since we live in the Bay Area where the weather is slightly bipolar, the warm and sunny Saturday turned to a gray and rainy Sunday. So I kept the top I was going to wear, but changed the rest.

I look super mysterious because I'm hiding a surprise inside my trenchcoat. Tada!

The cookoff was a lot of fun even though I couldn't eat almost anything there-- most all the chilis were made with either beef or pork, and I don't eat either. There was one vegetarian option though, so I didn't leave totally empty-bellied.

I also did some spying around on the competition, since I plan to enter next year with my (soon to be) famous pulled chicken white bean chili. Plus, there was a fun band with a very stylish lead singer. Clearly he knew capes were going to be big this fall.

- Banana Republic Factory store petite jeans (bought on sale circa 2009, no longer available. Buy similar here)
- Anthropologie trenchcoat (circa 2010, no longer available. Gift from my mother-in-law. Buy similar here)
- Top (Cotton On outlet store, scored for $7! Not available online)
- H&M belt
- Necklace from random little airport store
- Earrings gift from my grandmother
- Naturalizer outlet boots (bought on sale circa 2010, no longer available. Buy similar here or here)


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