Friday, September 30, 2011

Skippy Says: Up To Date (OOTD)

So now that I've admitted I watch America's Next Top Model, I can go ahead and admit I watch Project Runway too. It's much more redeemable, largely because, let's be honest, Heidi Klum > Tyra Banks. Once I was watching Project Runway with my dad, who I love dearly but who is entirely oblivious to anything American pop-culture, when he suddenly looked at Heidi, looked at me, and goes "well, she's pretty." Um, yes papa, she's very pretty.

For those of you not keeping up with Project Runway this season: First of all, shame on you! Second, the challenge this week is for the designers to create a seventies inspired look but modernize it. Oh, and this week (ok, fine, most weeks) there's lots of juicy drama! DRAMA! I must have had a premonition about this week's challenge because my outfit was a bit 1950's/ Stepford Wives inspired. Not sure how great I did with the modernizing it part, but I still really loved wearing it.

- Banana Republic blouse (bought on sale, no longer available online but may still be in stores. Buy an amazing albeit very pricey version here)
- Gap white cami under blouse (bought on sale, buy similar here)
- San Francisco vintage expo skirt ($13!)
- San Francisco vintage expo scarf ($10!)
- Anthropologie shoes (bough on sale, no longer available)
- Treasure Island flea market purse

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