Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skippy Says: A Confession (OOTD)

Internet, I've been holding out on you. For over two weeks now, I've been blogging without showing you one of my most prized possessions: the shoes which I've worn nearly every day since the blessed day I got my hands on them. You see, because of the whole wearing them nearly every day thing, the shoes had to go on a little vacation to the nice shoe repairman. And because this happened right around the time I started this little blog project, you have not yet gotten to meet my beauties.

Today, we begin to make up for lost time. Ladies, behold the most versatile, cute, and oh-so-comfortable shoes around:

Within The Lines Heels

The good news: I have these back in my possession.

The bad news: Despite the shoe repairman's efforts, my shoes are still pretty beat up. But that won't stop me from wearing them. You'll be seeing these on the blog a lot. A LOT. Don't say I didn't warn you. And since they are no longer available for purchase, you're stuck just being really jealous of mine unless you can score a pair on Ebay or something. And if you can, I can't recommend taking the plunge highly enough.

To celebrate having my shoes back, I decided to bust out the green jeans I bought as a cheaper replacement for the ones I really wanted but can't afford. The verdict? They're really comfy and the color is pretty close to what I wanted. The fit isn't quite as great, but it's still fairly decent and since they were around $100 cheaper I think I'll chalk this up as a win. 



And just for some more fun:


- Anthropologie blouse (bought on sale, gift from my mother-in-law. No longer available online, may still have a few in some stores)
- Cardigan (Kersh band from a little boutique in Mill Valley, CA- gift from my mother-in-law. No longer available. Buy similar here or here)
- Anthropologie shoes (bought on sale, no longer available)
- Anthropologie belt (circa 2008 or early 2009, no longer available. Buy similar here and here)
- Bracelets (one from a little boutique in Cape Cod circa 2008, one unknown- maybe H&M or Forever 21 from years ago?)

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