Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skippy Says: Respect The Shoes (Guest Post)

Day 1 of Austin vacation guest posts brings you the lovely Lisa from Respect The Shoes. I absolutely adore Lisa's blog, so if you haven't checked it out I really encourage you to do so. Like, now. Ok, fine, after you read this guest post from her. Thanks for helping hold down the fort while I'm away Lisa!

Thanks to Skippy for inviting me to guest post for her while she’s away! Have a ton of fun, girl, and come back with loads of pics and fantastic tales to share! 

Now I’m usually one of the first people who will pipe up about fashion being all about trying new things and being brave. Fashion is an expression of self, right, so why not be bold and wear what the mood strikes? My typical look entails bold colors and simple silhouettes, but I love being able to try new things and put together unusual combinations.

However I wasn’t born to be a 6ft tall Barbie doll, so as much as I Rachel Zoe-style D I E for certain trends or looks, not everything works for my body type or comfort level. What do I typically not touch with a ten foot fashion pole? Colored skinnies, harem pants or tapered pants of any sort, strapless anything, maxi skirts, muted pastel colors, anything too frilly, anything too “tough girl,” mini skirts, anything with “body con” in the title.

But it doesn’t mean that I can’t try something at least once, right? Case in point, these two outfits from this past week, which combine a lot of my former fashion vices.  Skinnies and I are frenemies, and colored cord ones are not even on speaking terms with me. So I decided to go with a slight bootcut version in a lighter color for my toe-dip option. 

The other outfit was more like a personal style deep dive as I tried more muted colors, lace, maxi length and tough girl touches all together, inspired by another blogger. Though it was a comfortable outfit, I am not sure I felt completely comfortable wearing it, but at least I would have a legit reason for not liking a maxi skirt now, wouldn’t I?

So what is out of your standard sartorial comfort zone? And have you tried any of those looks?

Oufit deets:
Jacket: Forever 21 knit moto
Top: Forever 21 lace tank
Skirt: Ebay
Belt: J. Crew studded
Boots: Asos ankle
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff python mab mini 

Jacket: Forever 21 striped knit
Top: LE Canvas boyfriend tee
Pants: J.Crew bootcut cords
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy
Shoes: Franco Sarto t-strap


  1. I really love your blazer!!


  2. Woow the second look is perfect!! love the colors and textures in it... you rock!!!!

  3. Love that blazer and pleated skirt! So cute!

    I tend to flock towards a flowy, comfortable dress and chunky sweaters for comfort :)

  4. Good to see you over here!! Saw a pair of pants that exact shade of pink yesterday and your outfit is totally inspiring me to go back and purchase them...!

  5. Love that skirt with the boots! You are really rocking this look :)

  6. Love the necklace!
    Have been seeing necklaces by this Etsy shop around quite a bit! (:

  7. I love her skirt and boots!! Nice guest post!

    xoxo Denise

  8. Lisa - what a surprise to see you over here! Love the second outfit and you need to step out with these outfits more often. You look fantastic!!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  9. Hi Lisa! I love those boot cut coral cords on you. I'm a big fan of the color and it looks awesome on you. Your necklace is gorgeous. Love your maxi skirt too! Love the fab pleats in it. You have great style! Going to check out your blog. Thanks for this post!

  10. love the maxi skirt

    xoxo navy & orange

  11. Thanks again for this guest-post opportunity, Skippy - and thanks for your lovely comments, ladies!

  12. That cord outfit was so an accident - I had the top half on already (with regular jeans) and decided to try the cords on a whim to see if they fit and thought, hm, that ain't half bad. I could've never come up with that color combo on my own!

  13. I love the Simply Livly necklaces because it's like Anthro but cheaper, plus they are kind of laidback and cas so I don't feel like I'm trying too hard with the bling if I am being really casual.

  14. Aw, thanks, Jen! Maybe I should try to listen to my internal style clock less, and come up with more successful outfits, haha!

  15. Thanks so much, Kim! This means a lot considering both these outfits were out of my normal outfit range of comfort!

  16. Hi Skippy! I hope you are enjoying your trip and Lisa from Respect the Shoes writes a fantastic blog! Thank you for introducing us to her and I love that white moto jacket ;)

  17. LOVE the jacket in the second picture! You look great in a maxi skirt. :) And the necklace in the first picture is gorgeous!


  18. I absolutely love the colored pants on you. I think you really made them work for you!

    Everything you listed that you stray from I absolutely love so I giggled a bit at that! Haha! But everyone has things that work and don't work for their body type! I normally tray from bodycon things too...but I found an awesome dress with mini ruffles that still fits like a glove yet is more flattering without being skanky. I love when that happens! When you are able to make something work that wouldn't normally!

    I loved you guest post...

    and I'll miss you Skippy! Hope you have a wonderful trip! :D

    I Can Be Many Things

  19. Hi Skippy and Lisa!! I love Lisa's blog too :) I think the colored denim looks great on Lisa. I like how you weren't afraid to add more color on the top. The jacket really adds a unique touch to the outfit!

  20. i adore the teal pleated maxi skirt! so gorgeous. xx

  21. I especially find the 2d outfit wonderful! U asked, what is out of your standard sartorial comfort zone? Well, I'm in my late 40s .... and I've noticed a fashion trend amongst women my age to take your eyes off any thing like belly bulges, etc, by having plunging v-necks. Um... way outside my comfort zone! DON'T find that flattering! Thanks for guest blogging, 'Respect' :)

  22. To me, I always feel like cleavage should be "tasteful" but I guess different people have different definitions on that!


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