Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Skippy Says: Special Delivery (OOTD)

Did I ever tell you guys how Ryan and I dated long distance for 4 years before finally ending up in the same place? No? Yeah, that's because it wasn't such fun times.

Ryan and I started dating the summer after my junior year of high school, which happened to be the summer after his senior year. Even though we went to high school together for years before, it wasn't until about a month before he went off to college that we decided we liked each other. Exhibit A of my not great timing. The first two years weren't terrible- at least we were in the same state. But by year 3 we were cross-country (I was in Boston, Ryan in Berkeley), and year 4 we took it up a notch by going cross-continent (I studied abroad in Scotland while he was finishing up his last year at Berkeley). We always joke that the only reason we made it through those 4 long years is because of our mutual fear of failure.

Ryan came to visit me twice when I was studying abroad in Scotland, and the second time he came bearing a gift from his mom- a blouse I tried on while shopping with her earlier that year but that I left the store without given its fairly hefty pricetag. After I left for Scotland, Ryan's mom went back to the boutique to buy me that blouse, and sent it over to Scotland with Ryan as a Valentine's day gift. No, she's my mother-in-law and you can't have her. I can't help it that I have the best moms around.

- Blouse from little boutique in San Anselmo, CA (gift from my mother-in-law circa 2007, no longer available.)
- Gap white cami underneath blouse (bought on sale, no longer available. Buy similar here)
- Anthropologie skirt (bought on sale, no longer available.)
- Anthropologie belt (bought on sale, no longer available. Buy similar here or here)
- Hue diamond grid tights in brown (buy here)
- Anthropologie booties (bought on sale, no longer available)
- Anthropologie earrings (bought on sale circa 2010, no longer available)


  1. Like the outfit ! thank you for visiting my blog :)


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